What W.E. Do

Improved and Optimized Product Pages

We take the time to create and edit product pages that are not only optimized, but feature your items beautifully. Our staff is well-versed in SEO practices and we take the time and energy to create product pages that speak to buyers. This increases conversion rates, ad also boost sales across platforms.

Social Sharing

We leverage our social media presence to promote your products to our customer base. We know there's power in social media, so we combine our unique brand with yours to impact our (always growing, very engaged) fans and followers.

Brand Boosting

We put a spotlight on your products, but we also promote your brand. When we partner with a distributor, we protect a brand the same way we protect our own. We monitor feedback and reviews, and communicate freely with our partners. We engage in smart and effective advertising practices to boost our brand, and especially yours.

MAP Enforcement

We have strategies in place to help our partners identify online sellers who are breaking MAP, and we report them to you. It's in all our best interest to keep healthy operating margins in place. We're in this for the long haul, just like you are.

Centrally Located

Our strategically located brick and mortar location in Richmond, VA's historic Manchester district is close to RIC, rail lines and the Port of Richmond. Receiving and shipping items is a breeze for us.

Customer Awareness

We listen to our customers, and we believe what they have to say is important. We share all feedback, but we also create actionable analytics about products that provide our partners with what they need to succeed. Your success is our success.

Our Channels
We buy and sell items via a number of avenues. We're a completely agile ecommerce company with great relationships with suppliers and buyers. Click here to visit our Facebook marketplace!

Dan-O Deckelman is the Founder of W.E. BUY, LLC.


We are a fully functional ecommerce business that seeks out the best deals and sells them to you for a great price. We also have a brick and mortar store that takes in the things people don't think are valuable and turn them into found treasures for our clients. Big or small, old or new, we know what it's worth and what the market will bear. We're looking out for our suppliers and our buyers. Unlike other operations where profit is king, we are into building a sustainable business that keeps everyone in the black. 

Personal Info

  • +804.326.4490
  • 1625 Hull St, Richmond, VA 23224

W.E. BUY is my go-to for items I can't find anywhere else. I find myself buying from their eBay account regularly. They ship quickly and I'm always happy with their service.


eBay Customer
I live in a section of the country where it's really hard to find certain spices and other grocery items. W.E. BUY always has them in stock on Amazon, their items are available with Prime shipping, and I get what I need quickly. I can't say enough good things about my experience with this seller.


Frequent Customer
This crew knows what they're looking for and knows how to treat a supplier. We wish all our distributors were like them.



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