Cutest Lil crocs™ For Your Kiddo’s Feets

We are carrying some cute little summer shoes for kiddos. Check ’em out:

Tiny, adorable crocs™ for lil feet

You can buy them here.

crocs™ are great summer shoes for kids. They provide support, they allow the little feetsies to breathe, and they have antimicrobial properties that will save you money on Athlete’s Foot medicine. It’s true. We learned it from our doctor (aka WebMD).

Plus, little kids love stylish footwear.

So we present the Micah II (upper photo) in size 10/11 for little kids and the Keeley Petal Charm Sandal (lower photo) in size 4 toddler for the most discerning child shoe shopper.

We don’t really know what else to say about this topic. It’s sort of obvious – if you have a kid and the kid’s feet will fit into these shoes, you should buy them. But, since you went to the trouble of clicking on this post and reading this far past the picture, we’ll tell you a story of when Liz (she works here) was a little kid.

yeah, about this age

yeah, about this age

She had these shoes (shoes not pictured) and they were basically, like, ballet flats. They were beige with brown stripes and she loved them. Yeah, she was really little, but she already had footwear preferences. The shoes in question offered no support and were actually pretty hard to walk in.

One day, Baby Liz twisted her ankle really bad on the front steps of the house, and her mom ran over to her, grabbed the shoes that had fallen off of Liz’s feet, and tossed them into the yard, far away from the sobbing child. As of the offending footwear could, perhaps, hurt the child even further.

The point of this story? If little crocs™ had existed, Baby Liz surely would have wanted a pair. Her ankles wouldn’t have twisted, and no shoes would have been harmed on the front steps of the house on John St.

A cautionary tale, Parents. If you don’t want to throw footwear all over your yard, buy these baby crocs™.

The End.

Mother’s Day is Coming!

Mother’s Day is coming. When you think back to all the times you were late for curfew, the times she held your hand while you made your way through a terrible stomach virus (that she caught, but couldn’t stop being a Mom, so she fought her way through it), all the times you were too cool or too busy to hang out with her – feeling guilty yet? We thought so. Lucky for you, we offer a soothing, super nice Mother’s Day basket chock full of Kiss My Face brand products.

Thanks, Mom

To buy this wonderful gift for your poor, unappreciated mom, visit our Amazon store.

The basket is wire metal with a handle, and includes:

  • Kiss My Face Olive Oil and Lavender Bar Soap
  • Kiss My Face Olive Oil and Chamomile Bar Soap
  • Kiss My Face Olive Oil and Aloe Bar Soap
  • Kiss My Face Olive Oil and Green Tea Bar Soap
  • Soothing Eye Mask
  • Kiss My Face Creamy Face Cleanser (Clean for a Day) (To wash away all those tears you’ve caused her)
  • Kiss My Face Fragrance Free Moisture Shave

If you’ve never heard of Kiss My Face products, your mom probably has. The company was founded in 1980 in upstate New York, and got popular pretty quick. The guys that started it, a talent agent and flight attendant, respectively, gave up their jet-setting lives for a quiet life in the rural Hudson River Valley. Against all financial odds, they got their company off the ground and a wonderful self-care, sustainable product line was formed.

Nice, right? Buy your Mom this basket.

It’s the least you can do.

Get Your New Kicks from W.E. Buy

The King of Pop wore Florsheim shoes. He wore the Como and Como Imperial, and we’re offering a different style, but that’s one heck of an endorsement.

Introducing Florsheim Men’s Freedom Black Oxfords in sizes 12 and 13. If your feets are men’s size 12 or 13, you need these shoes. They’re comfortable, stylish, and your feet will be representing a legacy going back to 1892. No, the King of Pop wasn’t that old. The company has been around for that long, and the company history is pretty darn cool.

But first, the Freedom Black Oxfords:

Smooth Crimial, Yeah-

So, Florsheim. Good old Milton Florsheim founded the company in 1892. He and his dad Sigmund made their first shoes in the Windy City. By the time the Great Depression rolled around, Florsheim had 5 factories, 2500 employees, 71 retail outlets and 9000 dealers. Shoe dealers. Oh, and a bunch of regional wholesalers.

If you lived in a dink little town and wanted to sell shoes, all you had to do was get in touch with Florsheim and they’d hook you up. Some of these dink towns could ONLY get Florsheim to play ball with them, so there were whole towns in the U.S. that had Florsheim-clad footsies.

The company went to Milton’s son Irving in 1936, and then Irving’s brother, Harold, in 1946. The company sold to the International Shoe Company in 1953. Florsheim wasn’t ready to stop, so they became a separate division in 1956. Sometime in the 1980’s Florsheim was absorbed by International Shoe Company, which was then called Interco.

Interco declared bankruptcy in 1991 but kept the Florsheim business until they stopped selling shoes altogether. Florsheim broke off and became a different company, and changed the name to Florsheim Shoe Group in 1996.

But because of other shoe companies, by the early 21st century, Florsheim stores had closed.

In 2002, Thomas and John Florsheim (related to the original founders), purchased the company and they are still making awesome shoes today.

So that’s your history lesson, folks. And don’t forget to clad your size 12 and 13 footsies in those awesome shoes. Buy them here.

Hungry for Beats

Yeah, you read that right. Beats, not beets. Though beets are earthy and delicious, that’s not what I’m hungry for.

I’m the Beats Pill Dude. You can buy me on eBay from W.E. Buy. If you’re in the RVA, you can buy me and pick me up locally. You can buy my sister on W.E. Buy’s Amazon account. She’s cute.

But check ME out. I’m kind of awesome.

Put Your Beats

I’m a stand for your Beats by Dr. Dre Pill speaker. Sure, you can just sit the pill on the table or whatever, but why would you want to do that? My head swivels so you can direct your sweet tunes right at your earholes. And I’m a handsome devil.

And I look great with any Beats by Dr. Dre Beats Pill. They come in white, red and black, depending on what color you want my grill to be. I look great standing on your desk, on your kitchen table, out on the picnic table – wherever.

I come in attractive packaging – if you pick me up from W.E. Buy you might get one of me that’s been opened and resealed, but none of me or my brothers have ever been used.

That’s right. We’ve been waiting for you. Hustle on out to buy a Beats by Dr. Dre speaker and then order one of me from W.E. Buy. Your coolness factor will boost by at least 300%. Guaranteed. By me. A plastic guy with a mouth hole for your speaker.

Disclaimer – coolness boost not guaranteed by W.E. Buy, LLC, Beat by Dr. Dre or any known entity.