Website and Logos and Tech Stuff, Oh My!

We’re working on revamping our web presence, and we are also in the process of designing a new logo. How cool is that? Our niche ecommerce websites will be up soon, but until then you can contact us to purchase items.

Otto’s working on a post about the little things he observes here at our location. We’re trying to get him to tone it down a little. We don’t want you to know ALL our secrets!

Keep an eye out for some awesome new things coming from W.E. BUY, LLC!

Vintage Mid Century Sarama Lighting

Check out this beauty:

sputnik light fixture

We found this mid century modern chandelier and just had to have it. If you’re looking for a conversation piece for your dining room, walk-in closet or even your renovated bathroom, consider this awesome item.

It’s an antique, so it could use a little cleanup, but it works great and would shine with a little TLC. For a full description, visit our home items page.

Welcome to W.E. BUY!

Welcome to the W.E. BUY blog! Here we will post independent reviews of products, stories about our crazy sourcing days, pictures of our rare antique finds and more. We’re just getting the website up to snuff, so check back often for updates and more information.

The shop dog, Otto, also has a passion for blogging, and he loves to gossip about the goings on here in the shop. We let him use the computer from time to time, so we fully anticipate you’ll eagerly await his posts. Just wait until we get him an iPhone so he can take pictures.