Our brick and mortar location and the base of operations is an historic building in the heart of Historic Manchester in Richmond, Virginia. Our building, the former Clay Bookstore, boasts hefty square footage so that we can process orders quickly. We are able to run our eBay sales, our Amazon sales and our merchant-fullfilled warehouse sales from this generous space, and recent renovations have made it so we can receive and ship items all in the same place.

Another advantage to our Hull Street location is our proximity to rail lines and to the Port of Richmond. We’re a short drive from Richmond International Airport, so we’re able to transport shipments, get them to our distribution center, and get them out the door to eager customers easily.

We’re also proud to have a location in a part of Richmond that is in the process of revitalization. Once a hub for small business owners and tourism, Hull Street went through a difficult time. We’re happy to see empty storefronts undergoing renovation, and we anticipate great foot traffic when we open the retail side of our operation. As we’re growing, our location grows with us, and that’s a great feeling.

To support local endeavors, we’ve actually volunteered both outside walls of our building to local street artists in support of Richmond’s growing street art initiative.

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