Cutest Lil crocs™ For Your Kiddo’s Feets

We are carrying some cute little summer shoes for kiddos. Check ’em out:

Tiny, adorable crocs™ for lil feet

You can buy them here.

crocs™ are great summer shoes for kids. They provide support, they allow the little feetsies to breathe, and they have antimicrobial properties that will save you money on Athlete’s Foot medicine. It’s true. We learned it from our doctor (aka WebMD).

Plus, little kids love stylish footwear.

So we present the Micah II (upper photo) in size 10/11 for little kids and the Keeley Petal Charm Sandal (lower photo) in size 4 toddler for the most discerning child shoe shopper.

We don’t really know what else to say about this topic. It’s sort of obvious – if you have a kid and the kid’s feet will fit into these shoes, you should buy them. But, since you went to the trouble of clicking on this post and reading this far past the picture, we’ll tell you a story of when Liz (she works here) was a little kid.

yeah, about this age
yeah, about this age

She had these shoes (shoes not pictured) and they were basically, like, ballet flats. They were beige with brown stripes and she loved them. Yeah, she was really little, but she already had footwear preferences. The shoes in question offered no support and were actually pretty hard to walk in.

One day, Baby Liz twisted her ankle really bad on the front steps of the house, and her mom ran over to her, grabbed the shoes that had fallen off of Liz’s feet, and tossed them into the yard, far away from the sobbing child. As of the offending footwear could, perhaps, hurt the child even further.

The point of this story? If little crocs™ had existed, Baby Liz surely would have wanted a pair. Her ankles wouldn’t have twisted, and no shoes would have been harmed on the front steps of the house on John St.

A cautionary tale, Parents. If you don’t want to throw footwear all over your yard, buy these baby crocs™.

The End.

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