Hippity Hoppity Easter Basket Bundles

We’ve been awash in plush bunnies and Easter basket grass over here at W.E. Buy lately, preparing our “Super Fun Easter Baskets.” Not to brag, but we’re¬†pretty rad at putting together cute and creative gift baskets.


See? This is our Super Duper Fun Easter Basket. It’s great for kids of all ages, but will be a big hit with Mickey Mouse fans, especially. It contains a sticker book with over 70 stickers. It also includes a green plush bunny, Easter Bunny glasses, a carrot-themed jump rope and a cute lil’ hopping bunny toy. Oh yeah! And what’s more fun than an Easter-themed ball and paddle set?

Here’s a pic of all the basket’s contents:


Amazing we fit all that in one little basket , isn’t it? Turns out Liz has an eye for that type of stuff.

Just don't leave her alone with any of the extra toys.
Just don’t leave her alone with any of the extra toys.

Here are some close-up photos of some of the great items in this basket:

Easter eggs with chocolate crackle candies inside
easter bunny glasses
Easter Bunny sunglasses
Cute green bunny plush doll
easter paddleball game
Happy Easter Paddle Game
Mickey Mouse sticker book
Mickey Mouse sticker book
Hopping Bunny toy
Hopping Bunny toy

We put it all together, put a clear basket wrap on it, and tie a cute little Easter bow around the top. Each basket is individually packaged in a custom-sized box to minimize shifting contents during shipping.

We plan to offer customized and original bundles and baskets for every holiday, so check back with us frequently to see which great new items we’re offering.

We also made some girls Easter baskets and boys Easter baskets. It’s been so fun. We can’t wait for Mother’s Day – we’ve got some Mother’s Day gift baskets ready already, so stay tuned for a blog post on those babies.

If you’re local, don’t forget that items are available for pickup.

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