Mother’s Day is Coming!

Mother’s Day is coming. When you think back to all the times you were late for curfew, the times she held your hand while you made your way through a terrible stomach virus (that she caught, but couldn’t stop being a Mom, so she fought her way through it), all the times you were too cool or too busy to hang out with her – feeling guilty yet? We thought so. Lucky for you, we offer a soothing, super nice Mother’s Day basket chock full of Kiss My Face brand products.

Thanks, Mom

To buy this wonderful gift for your poor, unappreciated mom, visit our Amazon store.

The basket is wire metal with a handle, and includes:

  • Kiss My Face Olive Oil and Lavender Bar Soap
  • Kiss My Face Olive Oil and Chamomile Bar Soap
  • Kiss My Face Olive Oil and Aloe Bar Soap
  • Kiss My Face Olive Oil and Green Tea Bar Soap
  • Soothing Eye Mask
  • Kiss My Face Creamy Face Cleanser (Clean for a Day) (To wash away all those tears you’ve caused her)
  • Kiss My Face Fragrance Free Moisture Shave

If you’ve never heard of Kiss My Face products, your mom probably has. The company was founded in 1980 in upstate New York, and got popular pretty quick. The guys that started it, a talent agent and flight attendant, respectively, gave up their jet-setting lives for a quiet life in the rural Hudson River Valley. Against all financial odds, they got their company off the ground and a wonderful self-care, sustainable product line was formed.

Nice, right? Buy your Mom this basket.

It’s the least you can do.

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