Uncle Frank Needs New Shorts

So we have this Uncle Frank who lives in Schaumburg, Illinois. Uncle Frank is great. We remember family gatherings where he did magic tricks for all the kids. He had great stories about his old college roommate, Dermot Mulroney. Seems random, that Uncle Frank knew Dermot Mulroney, one of the lesser hierarchy of romantic comedies, but he had some funny stories anyway.

So after graduating from Northwestern, Uncle Frank moved to Schaumburg and started a computer software company, earned an obscene amount of money, and just sort of sat around all day eating take-out and watching episodes of MST3K.

Uncle Frank got kinda big.

Why are we talking about Uncle Frank? Well, he complained a lot that he couldn’t find comfortable clothes. Until we sent him some of these Fruit of the Loom cotton jersey shorts. They’re durable, comfortable, and they have pockets. Uncle Frank loves that.

These Shorts are Awesome

Do you have an Uncle Frank? Does he want comfy shorts with pockets? Or, does he not EVEN KNOW that he needs these shorts. Don’t take a chance. Buy them today.

We carry these in Heather, Charcoal, Black and Navy. Sizes run from 2XL – 4XL. So no matter how “cuddly” YOUR Uncle Frank is, we have the shorts he wants. Nay, that he needs. Fulfilled by Amazon. Sourced by the guy who loves his Uncle Frank.

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