We’re in the process of adding private label sales to our business.

Why? Because we know that people like to buy brands that they trust. Since we’ve done our fair share of sourcing items, we feel that a great way to offer more value to our customers is to offer our brand of certain items so that they know they are getting the best.

This endeavor┬átakes a lot of research, because we want to offer the best products to our valued customers. We know of plenty of sellers who have started private label brands too hastily, only to get poor feedback from their customers. We don’t want that. We want to offer fantastic products to you at fair prices. So be patient, and check back here for more details.

We’ll be offering a wide range of products that will make your life easier. From personal convenience items to toys and games, we’re in the process of sourcing some exciting items that are sure to please.

We’re also talking with a number of local artisans to offer handmade or locally-produced dual label items to put revenue back into our community. That’s the Richmond way, and we are excited to begin this new journey.

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