W.E. BUY, LLC’s wholesale division offers the best to both worlds – our suppliers AND our customers. For our customers, we source items they want and offer them at prices they can’t pass up. For our suppliers, we strive to provide value that helps our manufacturers reach new customers, in new areas, and we promote brand awareness for them.¬†Other services we offer our wholesale suppliers are:

Improved Product Pages

We know that the product page is the key to better sales. It’s the first thing potential buyers see, and it’s the main point of conversion from mere web user to customer. When we list your product on one of our niche ecommerce websites, we pay attention to the details. We communicate everything the customer needs to know – from a detailed product description to pertinent shipping information.

Optimized Product Pages

In addition to creating stunning product pages, we also take the time to optimize those pages using the latest SEO best practices. In fact, we can do SEO beyond the product pages, helping more customers get to your products easily. We diligently research keywords and create relevant and well-written blog posts about your products.

Social Sharing

Our Facebook presence continues to grow quickly, and we are happy to share our blog posts about products, as well as photos of the items themselves. We strive for a perfect balance of brand-building, audience-engaging social posts, along with information about the items we sell.

Feedback from Customers

We share feedback we receive about the products we sell with our suppliers. We think this information is extremely valuable to everyone involved. We monitor Amazon customer reviews, respond quickly to Facebook inquiries, and connect with our customers so that we can learn about their opinions and suggestions regarding product.

Brand Boosting

By sharing the products we offer via multiple communication streams, we can spotlight our supplier’s goods in many ways. We also can offer value in terms of brand protection. Because we pay attention to feedback and reviews, we can help our suppliers manage their online presence and public opinion in the marketplace.

Central Location

We’re conveniently located in Richmond, VA. That means we are within a day’s transit time for much of the Eastern Seaboard. In this way, we can bring products from West Coast manufacturers and make it easier for them to get to people on the East Coast. And, our proximity to the Port of Richmond, rail and Richmond International Airport makes it easy for us to receive shipments.

We value our relationships with our wholesale suppliers and work hard to help them build their business while we build ours. And, since we are committed to providing the very best service to our customers, we are great ambassadors of a multitude of brands.

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